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Watch CCLS Michael Towne's TEDx Talk About the Power of Fun During Difficult Times

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Update on CLC Rebranding

In May, we revealed the new logo during the opening general session at the 2016 CLC Annual Conference. Now, we are excited to reveal our new certification logo. Over the next few months, we will continue the process of transitioning into our new professional identity. We invite members of the Child Life Council to continue to follow our progress.

The Global Influence of Child Life Continues to Grow

CCLS Michelle Minyard-Widmann and Alisha Saavedra traveled to mainland China to help start a child life program at The Children's Hospital of Zhejiang University. As part of a team funded by the Chinese government, Minyard-Widmann and Saveedra along with their Loma Linda University child life graduate students helped the hospital open five playrooms, which are staffed by volunteers and nurses for the time being. Chinese child life students from Zhejiang University will begin studying at Loma Linda University this year. For a glimpse at their time in China, watch the video below:

CCLS Hang Yin Candy Lo realized there was no video available in Cantonese Chinese talking about child life, so she created a brief and educational video clip to explain the field of child life to Cantonese speakers. Watch the subtitled video below:


Our Purpose

Supporting child life professionals as they empower children and families to master challenging events related to health care.

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