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Child Life Council Headquarters Closed through May 26 for CLC's Annual Conference

The Child Life Council staff is on site in Cincinnati, Ohio for CLC's Annual Conference. If you have any questions, please contact us by email rather than phone. We appreciate your patience, as access to email is limited. The office will resume regular operations, including Bookstore orders, on May 27.

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Where do you go to refresh your memory on our latest news and updates, certification information, and webinar listings? Try our new app! The app is designed to provide CLC members and CCLS candidates with easy access to information of greatest demand as well as connection to CLC Community and the online conversation about #ChildLife.

Find it all in one place. Less sifting through your inbox and combing through our website to refresh your memory.

CLC’s Bulletin Changes to All-Online Format

CLC’s quarterly Bulletin publication has transitioned to an electronic format, accessible on both your computer and mobile devices. The updated format features extended content, full-color graphics, clickable links and ads, and a searchable online archive (for subsequent issues).  The first electronic issue was emailed to all active CLC members on April 6, 2015 and can be accessed by members here.

New Webinars Available -- Best of 2014 Annual Conference 

CLC is hosting webinars every Wednesday in April, thanks to the addition of three webinars, the first of a series of some of the top-rated presentations from the 2014 CLC Annual Conference. If you were unable to attend CLC's Annual Conference last year, these webinars will give you a chance to see quality presentations at a low cost. Register now & keep checking back! More webinars will be added

Child Life Video Debuts on YouTube

Just in time for #ChildLife Month, CLC has released a brand new video honoring the child life profession, which will remind stakeholders of the tremendous value child life specialists add to hospitals and other healthcare settings! View Video. Consider how to use and share!



Our Purpose

Supporting child life professionals as they empower children and families to master challenging events related to health care.

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