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Eligibility Assessment

What is the Eligibility Assessment Service?

The new Eligibility Assessment Service incorporates the course work review and exam application into one streamlined process.  Applicants pay a one-time* fee of $75 to open an Assessment “file” and gradually submit information and materials (including official transcripts and other verification documents) as the requirements for establishing exam eligibility are completed. Once all steps in the Eligibility Assessment have been completed, the applicant is granted access to register for an upcoming exam. 


Who is it for?

Anyone interested in having academic and clinical information reviewed and accepted by CLC for the purposes of establishing eligibility for the exam and/or providing an internship site with evidence of his/her progress through CLC’s certification program.


When can I start the process?

Anytime! A one-time* fee of $75 allows applicants to open an assessment “file” and gradually submit information and materials (official transcripts) until all requirements are completed. Once all requirements are complete and the assessment is updated, the applicant is granted access to register for an upcoming exam. 


How do I get started?

  1. Log in to your user profile. If you do not already have a username and password in CLC’s system, click the link to create a customer record
  2. Click on Certification in Customer Main Menu
  3. Click on Certification Portal*
    *If the option for Certification Portal does not appear on the menu, click on "I do not have a record with CLC's Certification Dept" and sign the Statement on the record page.
  4. Click on the "Add degree and course work towards exam eligibility" option to enter your degree and/or course work. Due to limited resources, CLC will only review courses to get the applicant to the requirement (10). Submitting each course on your transcript is discouraged.  *Only courses that are completed and appear with a passing grade on an official transcript will be reviewed. Official transcripts will be required for any institution through which course work is completed.
  5. When you are ready to submit your information for review, click on "Request an Eligibility Assessment"
  6. Answer and digitally sign the Statements of Understanding
  7. Submit payment for the one-time* Eligibility Assessment fee of $75. You will receive an email message with further instructions on submitting official transcripts and completing the verification of the child life course and clinical experience requirements.
  8. The Evaluation Report through the Certification Portal is designed to provide a live snapshot of information that has been submitted, reviewed and/or accepted and can be printed and disbursed to academic and/or clinical coordinators. For more information about the report, read: What is with the Evaluation Report?

You can also complete the Child Life Course and/or Clinical Experience verification processes prior to requesting an eligibility assessment, but your information will not be reviewed until the $75 fee is paid and official transcripts are received. For more information about the online verification process, read our article on using the online verification process for clinical hours and child life courses.


Why the change to the process?

Prior to October 2014, CLC provided an informal Course Work Review Service, which was largely utilized by internship applicants who were required to provide the course work review results as part of an internship application packet. The service allowed individuals to pay a $45 fee and submit unofficial transcripts for up to 15 courses to be reviewed for their applicability towards the 10-course requirement for exam eligibility.

A number of concerns with the process were expressed by applicants, exam candidates and internship coordinators. Because transcripts submitted for a Course Work Review could not be repurposed for establishing eligibility for the exam, applicants would have to submit separate official transcripts once they were ready to submit their exam applications, which often caused confusion and frustration over the redundancy of the process. The course work review did not include review/acceptance of the required child life course or clinical hour requirements, and an applicant could end up paying for several course work reviews as he or she continued completed subsequent courses.

Based on this feedback, CLC resolved to offer a more streamlined, comprehensive service in which individuals could pay a single fee*, submit information and materials for review as eligibility requirements are completed, and establish eligibility for the exam. Hence, the eligibility assessment was born! 

*Payment of the one-time $75 fee opens an applicant’s Eligibility Assessment file until eligibility for the exam is established OR the requirements change (January 1, 2019). The fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the assessment