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Course Work Review

Available Through September 1, 2014

If, after reviewing the Eligibility Requirements, you are unsure if the course work on your transcript will be accepted to establish eligibility for the Child Life Professional Child Life Professional Certification Examination, you have the option to request a course work review from now until September 1, 2014. CLC will review up to 15 completed courses as reported on your submitted transcripts to determine if specified courses fulfill the current eligibility requirements. In-progress courses are not reviewed.   CLC accepts unofficial transcripts for Course Work Reviews.  See below for additional information.

Course Work Review Fee: $45.00 U.S. (non-refundable)



  • The Course Work Review service will be available through September 1, 2014; in October 2014 it will be replaced with the new Eligibility Assessment service).  Course Work Review materials that are received in the CLC office after September 1, 2014 will not be processed.  See below for additional information.
  • Applicants do not need to be a member of CLC in order to complete a Course Work Review application.
  • Transcripts submitted for this purpose cannot be used for documentation for your exam application.
  • The course work review fee is non-refundable and cannot be applied to the examination fee.
  • Courses listed as "in progress" on the transcript will not be reviewed.  CLC will only review courses that have been successfully completed. 
  • Eligibility requirements are subject to change.  Please check this website as you continue to work toward certification for any updates which may affect your eligibility.  


Apply Online

If you have already established a user profile with CLC, please log in before you begin the application process, so that any information we have on file in our database (such as contact information) will be automatically imported into your online course work review application.  Once you have logged in, you can begin the application process. If you do not have a username and password, the system will create one for you as you complete this process.  Follow the on-screen directions to submit your application and payment. CLC accepts Visa or MasterCard (if you are paying by check, please submit a paper application). 

You will be asked to provide the following information for up to 15 courses:

  • Institution name
  • Department information (e.g. PSYCH 101)
  • Course title
  • Term (e.g. Spring, Fall, etc.)
  • Year taken

NOTE:  You must submit under separate cover a copy of your transcript(s) from the school(s) where the courses were taken.  Transcripts do not have to be official for the course work review service.  You may send them by mail, fax or email to the address listed below.

Apply for Course Work Review Online

Paper Application

If you intend to pay by check, please fill out a copy of the Course Work Review Application, and submit it on or before September 1, 2014,  along with transcript(s) and payment to: 

Course Work Review 
Child Life Council
11821 Parklawn Drive, Suite 310
Rockville, MD 20852-2529

Fax: 301-881-7092



Eligibility Assessment - Coming Soon!


The Course Work Review Service will be suspended as of September 1, 2014 and will be replaced by the new Eligibility Assessment Service, which will be introduced in October 2014. This change was initiated by the CLCC as part of an overall effort to streamline the exam application experience, and to provide applicants with a user-friendly tool for monitoring their progress toward establishing eligibility. 

The Eligibility Assessment will be the first in an updated two-step exam application process. In the first step, applicants will log into their profile, pay a fee for the Eligibility Assessment, and immediately begin entering their eligibility information, including course work.  Because many child life internship programs require applicants to document that they have met the academic requirements for certification, a report similar to the Course Work Review results will be available for the applicant to print at any time during the Eligibility Assessment period. Once eligibility is established, the applicant’s status will change to “candidate,” and he or she may complete the second step by paying the separate exam fee and registering for an exam administration.  

Remember, if you are planning to apply for an internship where a course work review is required, or if you would like to have a course work review completed prior to registering for the exam, all Course Work Review materials must be received in the CLC Office no later than September 1, 2014. Any materials received after this date will NOT be processed, and applicants will be asked to wait until October 2014 to complete the new Eligibility Assessment Service.    

Any questions regarding the certification process can be addressed to